One of transformations at Camp Metta that I take pride in is transforming a “chicken coup” into a “meditation hut.” When we first moved into this property, this dilapitated chicken coup was dirty, stinky, and ugly that no one wants to be around. Step by step, we have transformed it into a beautiful and cleaned hut for everyone to enjoy. This past week, we’ve been meditating in this hut everyday. And let me tell you, it feels like heaven on earth with the peaceful redwoods, and especially more so when wild turkeys, deers, rabbits, birds, and squirrels come by during our meditation and chanting sessions.

With everything is happening in our society: the pandemic, injustice, protesting, rioting, vandalism, and destruction, we are living and making history at this moment. How we want to write history is up to us at this PRESENT moment. Please transform the situation for the better not worse. Instead of destructive, let be constuctive.

Sending out good thoughts, healing, and metta (loving kindness) to the entire cosmos from Camp Metta.